Name: Haakon Sporsheim
Address: Nordveien 3E, 1358 Jar, Norway
Mobile: (+47) 908 66 839

Nationality: Norwegian
Date of birth: January 13th 1982 (Oslo)


Core languages: C
Additional languages: Python, C++ and some Objective-C
Architectures: x86, x86-64, ARM
Platforms: Android, iOS, GNU/Linux (Gnome), OSX, Windows
[D]VCS: Git, Bzr, Mercurial, Subversion


Rosing Student award: Winner
Annual award for best student project in Norway.
Awarded 25th April 2005 in the category for best student project.
Eureka award: Winner
Annual award at HiG (faculty of technology) for best project.
Awarded for best engineering project at department of technology 2004.


Work experience

  • Telenor Digital (2015-present)
    • R&D Software Engineer
      • Exploratory engineering in the CTO office with focus on WebRTC and related technologies.
      • Hacking on open source software
        • WebRTC in Firefox (as in the web browser)
        • libcubeb (audio HAL used by Firefox)

    • Areas of interest obviously includes WebRTC, but also IoT

  • Pexip (2012-2015)
    • R&D Software Engineer
      • Product: Pexip Infinity
        • Software based (read: x86) video conferencing platform
        • Virtualized, distributed and scalable MCU

    • Areas of interest includes media stack, RTP stack, video mixing and scaling of CPU intensive workloads on NUMA systems. I built the RDP stack to bridge MS Lync desktop sharing in both directions.

  • Tandberg, Cisco Systems Inc. (2007-2012)
    • R&D Software Engineer
      • Product: Tandberg Movi/Cisco Jabber for video
        • Video conferencing client (Windows, OSX and iOS)
        • SIP signalling
        • Media codecs optimized for x86 and ARM
        • Built on top of OpenSourceSoftware like GLib, GStreamer, Clutter

    • Areas of interest ranged from the media stack (exclusive A/V codec development) to graphical user interface. I built the cross platform UI framework used for real time video playback and menu overlay, on top of libclutter which again sits on top of OpenGL/OpenGL ES and the platform specific bits for integration to the windowing system. I also was part of prototype development of simulcast support using mainly H.264 AVC and proprietary RTP/RTCP end-to-end messaging. Before I left I also was part of porting the platform to mobile platforms like Android and iOS. On a more fun/hobby side of things, I built the infamous Easter egg in Movi, namely the Tetris game on Windows only.

  • Detec (2004-2007)
    • R&D Software Engineer
      • Product: Detec
        • Surveillance software
        • Object tracking and object recognition algorithms
        • JPEG image compression
        • Windows UI, native win32